Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lupus Awareness Month

Betcha' didn't know that May is National Lupus Awareness Month

. . . and I bet you also didn't know that many cases of lupus go undiagnosed for years. So, courtesy of the Lupus Foundation of America, below is some helpful information, along with a test you can take to see whether you might have lupus:

Every day, 1.5 million Americans (enough people to fill thirty baseball stadiums) struggle with the often disabling and life-altering impact of lupus. Lupus is the result of an unbalanced immune system that can become destructive to any major organ or tissue in the body. Lupus is unpredictable and potentially fatal, yet no satisfactory treatment or cure exists.

Why is awareness of lupus important? To save lives! Consider these facts:
  • Lupus can attack the body for years before the disease is diagnosed. Symptoms of lupus mimic common illnesses and often are dismissed as nothing serious.

  • More than half of the people with lupus suffer four or more years and visit three or more doctors before receiving a correct diagnosis.

  • Awareness of lupus is lowest among women 18-24 –- the age group most likely to develop the disease.

  • Late diagnosis and delayed treatment contribute to poor outcomes and increased morbidity and mortality.

  • Lupus is a serious disease that can damage vital organs, such as the kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain. The disease can cause seizures, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, and organ failure leading to significant disability or death.

But there is hope. Early diagnosis and proper medical care greatly improve the quality of life for people with lupus. The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) seeks to educate the public about early warning signs of lupus and all aspects of living and coping with the disease.

Could it be lupus?

The LFA has created a simple self-screening tool to help individuals determine whether they should consult with their doctor about lupus. Take the test now.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Welcome to blogging! Your blog is off to a great start and is full of interesting stuff already! WTG!

andrea said...

so great of you to get the word out there about lupus.

and i would miss tanning like noones business - esp. if i lived where you do!
hope you had a great day!

oh2btigger said...

That's interesting. I didn't know hair loss was a symptom. I was researching alopecia because I suffer from that from time to time (think I'm going through a spell now...grrr) and one of the factors for that is if a parent has diabetes (which my dad does!) and also causes excema (which my brother and I both have!)--they say it's an autoimmune deficiancy, same as lupus!

I have several friends that have Lupus. I never really knew what it was before!

Io said...

You would be correct my friend - I did not know it was Lupus Awareness Month. I didn't really know anything about lupus, so now I must read...

scarredbellybutton said...

Thanks for posting the screening link, my neighbour has lupus but all I know about it is that she has to stay out of the sun or she gets a rash.

butterflymommy said...

So great to find your site. I was recently diagnosed with has been a shock. I already have experienced infertily and have a daughter, age 5, a surviving triplet from an IVF pregnancy that was difficult. Needless to say, adoption is such a blessing and it's so nice to see another adoptive "mom to be" in action. We have gone the domestic route too...and recently decided to add our name to the China list (we have an excellent China agency if you were considering that country). I'm happy to see another couple, whose also dealing with Lupus, going the adoption's so tempting to want to risk pregnancy, but if I might say..I've been there...the reality of the pregnancy risk and losing 2 babies was something I'd never wish on anyone ever and having been there and I've no reservations about adopting...and if you want progeny...there are other options. We still have frozen embryos, but I know now if we plan a pregnancy with will be with a gestational carrier. There's many paths to parenthood that don't risk your health or your's not traditional, but it's wonderful. Best of luck with everything and thanks for the great website! Please email me if you ever want to chat lupus or adoption....I'll say a prayer for you and your husband that parenthood will be a blessing that finds will..Best Wishes!

Take Care,

JoAnne Cooper
Chester Springs, PA

suzyq said...

What adoption agency is ok with lupus survivors? I live in NY...
I applied last year to Korea and was rejected, because of lupus...