Friday, June 6, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Well, the hormone haze has officially commenced. I literally cannot think straight. And I can't sleep. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'm certifiably insane - grumpy, crying for no reason, and generally not very much fun to be around. I think, for me, the combination of lupus + maximum dosage of injectable fertility meds = trouble. But I will suck it up and keep moving forward because . . . um . . . do I have another choice? All I can really do is just keep swimming (just keep swimming, swimming, swimming).

My complete lack of coherent thought, I'm afraid, will result in a rather disjointed post today. So the following is a roster of random ramblings:

Here's my happy thought of the day: We've officially picked Gladney as our adoption agency and the ball is now rolling! I had a phone consult with Debra Parris yesterday, then she emailed me an "Adoption Information Sheet," which is basically an application to be allowed to apply to adopt. Just thinking about all the paperwork makes my head hurt! But SM and I filled out the forms last night and I dutifully emailed the information back to Debra today. So we are on our way!!! What's your happy thought for today?

    Here's my super grumpy, hormonal rant of the day: Please divert your eyes!! Don't look directly at the beast!! I'm warning you!
                                        I'm working toward the NCLM "Iron Commentor" distinction and am wondering: Why did people sign up for NCLM if they had no intention of updating their blogs, much less reading their comments or - gasp - leaving comments for others? I know things happen and plans sometimes change, but I'm really tired of leaving comments, week after week, on the same post some absentee blogger hastily wrote back on May 15th. Can't we please take these lame people off the NCLM list?? Can I get an "Amen," sisters?

                                      Here's my "only in L.A." moment of the day: While getting my hair cut this morning, I sat next to one of the "American Glad.iators." His name's Mike Le.vine, and he plays "Ti.tan" on the show. Total Hottie Mc-Hot-Hot. (Waaaay better looking in real life than in his photos.) Damn, why didn't I take the time to put on make up today?

                                                  One of the women in the salon was totally feeling up poor Mike. Can you explain to me why guys are flattered when strange women feel them up? If some strange guy tried to feel me up, I would call 911.

                                                  Here's my blonde moment of the day: Danni and Tommy - I hope you see this. I've been looking all over the blogosphere for you and I can't find your blog! Could you please leave a comment with your url so I can contact you? Thanks!!

                                                  Here's my sanity-saving plan for today: I'm having dinner tonight with several members of the DTMT. (DTMT is a silly nickname my girlfriends and I use for our little group.) My girlfriends ROCK, by the way. If they can't cheer me up, no one can. Do you have anyone in your life who can always cheer you up, no matter what?

                                                Here's my tag of the day: I've been tagged for a meme(!) by two of my favorite bloggers - Trace and Almost Mrs. Joyner. Everyone knows how much I LOVE games, so I'm happy to oblige.

                                                The idea for this meme was prompted by the book "Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure," by Larry Smith & Rachel Fershleiser. In the book, the writers recount the infamous tale that Hemingway once bet ten dollars he could sum up his life in six words. Hemingway's words were, "For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn." He won the bet. So here goes my attempt at following in Hemingway's footsteps (yeah right!):

                                                "Not going down without a fight."

                                                And now, I dutifully pass on the meme to a few of my favorite people in the blogosphere. Here are the rules, ladies:

                                                1. Write your own six word memoir.
                                                2. Post it to your blog (including a visual illustration, if you so choose).
                                                3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post and to this original post, so we can track it as it travels across the blogsphere.
                                                4. Tag 5 more blogs with links.
                                                5. Don't forget to leave a comment in the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

                                                I'm tagging:






                                                I hope you enjoy the challenge. I thought this meme was tough, but fun!


                                                Deanna said...

                                                I didn't join the No Comment thing. But I am trying to be less of a lurker and more of a joiner. My rant for the day. Doc's canceling appointments and just assuming you got the message so you have to drive an hour to find out your appointment is canceled. URGH!

                                                Deb said...

                                                Amen sister!! I cannot stand to go on someone's blog to find they have posted nothing new since ... oh February - I wonder why they bothered. It's frustrating. I try as hard as I can to post everyday, but that's not always possible. But not once a freakin month! Come on people!

                                                Nine said...

                                                Amen! I keep going back to the same ones as they have recent posts, although my original goal was to leave at least one comment on every single blog.

                                                Psych Post Doc said...

                                                Congrats on the adoption decision.

                                                I am trying to be a good NLCM member. At least I've updated my blog since 5/15 and I also found you through NLCM so I must have done something right. :)

                                                Have a blast with your girlfriends.

                                                Mommy Meryl said...

                                                Hey there! Loved your post today! Love your posts most days - I am so glad we connected - I really enjoy your blog! I was so excited to read you are on your way down the adoption path. . .I can't wait to get the updates!

                                                My happy moment of the day was hanging out with 2 of my girlfriends and all of our kids at the pool - just really felt decadent and relaxing. For some reason I never feel guilty during the school year/winter/fall/spring doing fun things with my daughter when my husband is at work - but during the summer I always have a tinge of guilty feelings. Maybe because hanging out by the pool is my most fave thing in the world to do!

                                                Joanna said...

                                                Holy crap woman! You've got alot going on in that head today. Phew....I feel better just by listening to you rant. Thanks :)

                                                Michelle said...

                                                Amen sister! It did occur to me that I would have to post something comment-worthy in order to truly participate in NCLM. I can't post every day, but am trying to atleast every few day. I agree, hard to comment on nothing!!

                                                Congrats on picking an agency--I have to say, that I sort of enjoyed the adoption paper work--felt like I was getting something accomplished and moving toward the goal of becoming a mom.

                                                Loved the meme, btw!

                                                Wordgirl said...

                                                Wow and iron-commenter? I am in AWE --

                                                I'm envious of your girlfriends -- I moved home after years away -- and my friends from graduate school are all over the map -- I often feel adrift without that core of like-minded folks -- and sometimes just a good girl gab-fest...

                                                I hope you feel better -- I'm on the progesterone rage rollercoaster right now....ooooh the rage....


                                                Nine said...

                                                DC- my DH has no clue when the 2ww is over. He is blissfully unware of any of it except sex week. Must be nice, huh?

                                                I'm not sure I could last another week either, but I think I'm going to try, if I get a BFP that is.

                                                Sugar Photography said...

                                                yay! So glad you went with Gladney! I can tell you that the paperwork took us 3 full months (from date of orientation/getting our packet to date of approval. exactly three months)

                                                of course, I also had a husband that accidentally threw away (THREW AWAY!!!) our cleared fingerprints from the FBI, so that took an extra 2-3 weeks.

                                                have fun with the paperchase-are you coming to their orientation?


                                                Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

                                                Glad to hear your moving forward with the agency...don't fret....the paperwork looks worse than it really is....if your organized you can do it...and something tells me that you are very organized!

                                                Have fun with the highlight of the day....drinks on the deck with my very best friend, while the kids played in the was so needed after this week!

                                                Have a great weekend!


                                                Pepper said...

                                                You know what bugs me about NCLM? The invite-only blogs. WHY in the world would you join NCLM if you don't want new people to comment on your blog? Don't get it.

                                                Amy said...

                                                Here from NCLM - and thanks for the comment on my blog!

                                                Congrats on your adoption decision! I bet it was exciting e-mailing in those papers.

                                                My happy thought for today is that today is almost over.

                                                Steph said...

                                                Hey!! I agree. I keep going to some blogs and I am disappointed to see nothing for months. Oh well. Unfortunately this has caused me to continue to go to the same people's blogs.

                                                The challenge seems hard but I might try it!!

                                                msl said...

                                                DC - you're going to love working with Gladney. They really are great and we can't say enough good things about them. And yes it looks like a lot of paperwork to pull together but it's no big deal just moving one step at a time. I'd also recommend working with the wonderful Kate at KBS Dossiers. It's amazing how much less stress there is going through her.
                                                LOVE your blog!

                                                Hope said...

                                                Enjoyed your rant! I agree with you about the NLCM thing. And comments that just say hi from NCLM annoy me too.

                                                Hope you had fun with your girlfriends.

                                                Ya Chun said...

                                                Wow, those hormones sound nasty. All i could think was, "i hope the agency doesn't call her when she is a pumped up superwomen with a super scatter brain!" Can you make a disclaimer if they call?
                                                My closest friends have all scattered, but when I talk to them after a long time, it was like i talked to them yesterday.

                                                La La said...

                                                Mmm, I feel ya on the haziness! Also, my brother in law tried out for that show - I'll let you know if he gets picked! =) LOL

                                                Emma said...

                                                Love, love, love your blog, DC! Way to go on fighting for your right to cycle. Here's wishing you many phat phollies, babe!

                                                Amanda said...

                                                I saw you are going with Gladney for your adoption! When I was in my senior year of college, a girl in my program (social work) did her internship there and was hired on after graduation. Everything I have heard about them has been very, very positive. I hope y'all have a good experience with them.

                                                Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

                                                I hear ya...and I'd like to say that I'm in that bitchy, can't stop crying mode...sigh.

                                                AlmostMrsJoyner said...

                                                Oh my heavens DC..Can I tell you that reading that *I* am one of your favorite bloggers brought tears to my eyes? Talk about hormonal.. Good lord..Anyway, the hormonal haze is a grand time, and Im glad to see that Im not the only one on this rollercoaster..Although right now, yours is for a baby and mine, stupid AF, oh well. And I agree w/the non-commentingness..If you sign up, just do it!

                                                rohit said...


                                                you are fantastic!!!

                                                a kiss for you, my dear friend!

                                                god bless u dear

                                                can we exchange our link

                                                r u ready to do?

                                                Lost in Space said...

                                                Does it make me incoherent that your thoughts made perfect sense to me? (:

                                                I'm in the 'burbs of L.A., but wouldn't recognize a star if they knocked on my door. LOL.

                                                Have fun with your girlfriends and hang in there with the meds. You will get there.

                                                Sam said...

                                                Iron Commentator Status? You're a crazy woman!!!

                                                I too am trying to comment on all those blogs listed, but over the month not once a week!!

                                                As someone else said above - those invite only blogs are what drive me crazy - what's the point in that if you are doing something like NCLM!

                                                Still enjoying NCLM though - it's not yet a chore! ;-)

                                                Io said...

                                                1. Yay for your happy! I'm glad you've gotten started! My happy is that I finally got my ED apps in this week.
                                                2. Amen! I feel like I need to post more for NCLM. I think people didn't realize how much they were biting off.
                                                3. I'm not sure why guys are flattered when I feel them up. I just know they are.
                                                4. I wish my blog friends were all closer so we could cheer each other up.
                                                5. You tagged me!!! YAY! I must go think now...

                                                Baby Step said...

                                                My happy thought -- I got my haircut today too, and I lot H.O.T.! I totally agree with your NCLM comment. I have actually weeded several blog off my blogroll because they never update. AND I also am peeved that many of my "faithful" blog visitors completely stopped when they got pregnant. I promise not to do that to anyone! The only 'person' who can cheer me up no matter what is ... my dog. Isn't that sad? Good job with the 6 word meme. I haven't been tagged on that one yet, although I was tagged for a very involved and long one, and sadly I didn't have it in me to do it. My 6 word meme if I had to do it today: MUST HAVE FRENCH FRIES RIGHT NOW. You are rockin' on the comments, you get way more than I ever do and I have been doing this for almost a year. Exciting about the adoption stuff!!!

                                                Anonymous said...

                                                Hey! I tagged you on my blog for a meme! :)

                                                Fiddle1 said...

                                                I'm glad you fought for your IVF cycle this month, and so happy to read that the agency has been chosen and the ball is rolling! You were soooo right about the Matt, Liz, and Madeline blog. I've never read such heartbreaking posts. Thanks for sharing.

                                                Wishing 4 One said...

                                                Wow what a post! I agree with you too on NaCoLeavMo. I am a slacker, but i do try to keep up with my 5 a day and returning one.

                                                Good luck with getting your adoption started...exciting that you emailed papers!!!

                                                JJ said...

                                                Oo thanks for the tag! I'll be thinking...and post soon!

                                                Congrats on moving forward with the agency-so excited for you!

                                                peesticksandstones said...

                                                I was pretty impressed with Gladney's Ethiopia program -- and am excited to hear more about what you discover.

                                                Hang in there on the haziness. I'm feeling waaaay funky myself coming off all the meds at once suddenly -- just really "off". Maybe I just need a haircut.

                                                Thanks, by the way, for the tag! I need to get my act together here...

                                                Aunt Becky said...

                                                I've been confused by the non-updated blogs too. Well, I'm confused about many things. This is nothing new.

                                                graceling said...

                                                Yea for choosing Gladney! I am sure you will not be diappointed:)

                                                Happy Moment Today: When Abigail walked into my unit at work, covered in face paint, and carrying pizza for my lunch!

                                                Why Did I Become A Nurse? Moment: "Uh, nurse, I coughed so hard I think I just pooped the bed."

                                                Nuff said.

                                                C said...

                                                Congrats on the adoption!! You must be so excited. Just imagine that sweet little one who will be lucky enough to join you family. My happy thought of the day is: 16 days until we close on our new house!!!! (runs around the family room, waving arms)

                                                LOL at the American Gladiator. Studly! I went to college with a guy named Mike Levine. Looked nothing like that, though.

                                                Love your 6 work memoir. I found that meme sooo tough.

                                                Kim said...

                                                COngrats on picking an agency! Good Luck to you! NCLM

                                                Anonymous said...

                                                Not going down without a fight!

                                                Amen sista! You run with it as hard as you can.


                                                Alyson & Ford said...

                                                So much to read on your post! You do an amazing job!
                                                We did the 6-word memoir and submitted to the web site - all on our post dated 02/09/08. I was difficult to do.

                                                I do get aggravated with the "no new posts in a week" problem too. Of course, we don't post anything too profound, but do post most days...

                                                Alyson LID 01/27/06

                                                Anonymous said...

                                                Amen indeed, DC. To both the non-updating and the Password only blogs. I've found NCLM a real challenge but I've also found some new "Must Reads". Like you!

                                                Good luck with everything that's happening in your life at the moment. You've sure got a plateful.

                                                Sara Gorman said...

                                                I'll give it my best on the memoir! I'm on vacation for the next few days, but I'll be sure to look for inspiration at the pool or spa. :)

                                                Anonymous said...

                                                I like your six words!

                                                About the men-getting-felt-up thing -- I think this just sums up how men and women are NOT the same!

                                                And the one who can always cheer me up is ... my dog Nicky. When even my husband fails (not often) the pup is there!

                                                Julie said...

                                                Hi- Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Looking forward to meeting you in August.

                                                Also- I am sure you saw this, but just in case you didn't here is a link about a cancer drug that is being used in treating Lupus...


                                                Take Care and see you soon!

                                                Tanya said...

                                                Congratulations on choosing an adoption agency. It is a long process to get approved (at least it was for me but I was going through the government rather than a private agency). But if in the end you end it will all be worth it. Even though I didn't end up adopting I have no regrets about going through the process (I wound up getting pregnant through IUI).

                                                I've also been trying to visit each of the bloggers at least once this month. I will admit I haven't commented on half a dozen of them though. A couple I just didn't relate to at all and couldn't think of ANYTHING to say about their blog and a few were so out of date that I just figured they must not actually be participating and truly what do I have to say about something you did a month and a half ago.

                                                I have found several blogs I find worth returning to though so it's all been worth it.

                                                Anonymous said...

                                                Thanks so much for playing the meme, I enjoyed reading your blog today!